Mary O'Brien
Mixed Media Artist

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I feel when I look at your work that I have gone on a wonderful journey. Love your website! Congrats !
Sandie - 11 Dec 2017
Great web site Mary, love your Home page. Congrats to you!
Mary Skeggs - 19 May 2017
Brava, Mary! Great site!!
Catherine Milks - 16 May 2017
Terrific new site Mary! Great Colour!
Liz Rae Dalton - 15 May 2017
Great job Mary! Very professional. Your work is amazing, as usual!
Bob Marchessault - 14 May 2017
As a proud owner of several M.O'Brien originals, I'm happy to have the chance to keep up with your current work and exhibitions through this site! It's impressive and effective. No surprise considering who has put it together!!
Kathryn Clark - 14 May 2017
Congrats on the new website - it looks great! You have so many phenomenal pieces of artwork!
Lauren O'Brien - 8 May 2017
Website looks great! Bravo!
Rebecca Cowan - 8 May 2017
Congrats on the new site! I admire your work and determination!
grant macdonald - 28 Apr 2017
Hi Mary. Congratulations on the website! looks good. I didn't know you had done so much teaching. You are now linked in to the OKWA website. cheers.
Mieke - 19 Apr 2017
Vibrant, arresting use of colour!
Sean Roberts - 18 Apr 2017
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